Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Predator Call


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The Cass Creek Electronic Predator Call is a lightweight and compact call that gives you five realistic animal sounds in the palm of your hand. Overlap/interrupt technology allows you to instantly change sounds without having to wait for the sounds to finish, and easy push button operation allows you to keep your eyes on the game and still operate the call. This electronic game call comes with a convenient belt clip and has a natural bark camouflage finish. Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included). Package Includes:Jack Rabbit- a low pitched distress call with drawn out tones.Cottontail rabbit- a higher pitched squeal, a more excited call.Coyote Howl- a communication call announces territory and lures other coyotes.Pup Yips- Sharp, short tones of young coyotes making maternal calls.Fawn Distress- a stressed call used by young deer when separated from their mothers.

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