G2 Research Civic Duty Ammo 9mm Luger Lead Free Solid Copper Hollow Point, 100 Grain, 1230 fps, 20 Round Box, CIVIC 9MM


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G2 Research has created a new line of self defense ammunition for the concealed carry enthusiast, know as Civic Duty, building off the design of the R.I.P projectile otherwise know as Radically Invasive Projectile, Civic Duty is desgined to expand 2.5 times the initial diameter after coming into contact with a fluid medium. This extreme expansion leads to 100% energy transfer and total weight retention inside the intended target without concerns of over penetration. 9mm Luger. 100 Grain Lead Free Solid Copper Hollow Point. Brass Cased. Reloadable. 20 rounds per box.

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