Parker Red Hot Lighted Crossbow Nocks Red


  • Parker Red Hot Lighted Crossbow Nocks Red
  • 30% Brighter
  • Ensure Proper Arrow and String Alignment
  • Avoid Accidental Dryfires
  • Fits .300 ID
  • 298 Grains Total Weight
  • Item #38-3368
  • UPC 789516159777
  • ID: I-51512

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Parker Red Hot Lighted Crossbow Nocks Red


The Patented Parker Red Hot Lighted Crossbow Nocks Red light up your shot and make arrow and broadhead retrieval possible. Parker’s Red Hot Lighted Crossbow Nocks are designed to reduce partial dryfires and give you down-range accuracy when in the field. These lights turn on when the arrow is shot and easily turn off by pressing on the Parker Red Hot Lighted Crossbow Nocks Red. Easy press fit installation with a battery life of over 40 hours. Red Hot Lighted Crossbow Nocks turns on when shot. The Red Hot Lighted Crossbow Nocks is made in the United States.

What makes lighted nocks best

Archery equipment is expensive. It can be very frustrating when an arrow is lost during practice or while hunting. The lighted nocks offer you an advantage by lighting up. This is great for helping you to find your arrow after it has been discharged. If you have more questions about how these lighted nocks work, click the photo below to watch a short video from the manufacturer, Parker, to learn more. Many people say that after using lighted nocks they don’t know how they every shot without them before!

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Additional Colors and Styles

Parker also offers lighted nocks in green and HD orange. If you do not think that lighted nocks are for you Parker also manufactures capture nocks in red and green. All are a solid choice for any archery enthusiast!

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