RamCat 100 Grain Broadheads


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RamCat 100 Grain Broad-Heads


RamCat 100 Grain Broad-Heads 100 fixed blade broad-head will “smoke” he completion in accuracy and penetrating because the patent pending, deep lobed “Hydroshock” chisel tips:

  • Drafts the wind over the blades in flight preventing wind planing and resulting in filed point accuracy from any bow (including crossbows)
  • Creates a hydrofoil as it goes through the target forcing the mass outwards reducing the friction down the arrow shaft allowing “extreme” penetration. It for whatever reason the Ramcat does not pass through the target, the blades will roll forward and created a “backcut” increasing your odds of retrieving your game.


  • Please make sure you practice draw your arrows when you wind the RamCat 100 on to make sure that the extra large cut diameter clears the bow shelf and riser.
  • Index a blade at 9:00 so  blades will clear.
  • New set ups, leave arrow 1 1/4″ longer so this extra large cut stays in front of the riser.

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