Single Dose Edible CBD Frogs – 2 Pack


This product does not contain THC. CBD has been shown to help with many different ailments including Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression, Anxiety, Pain Relief, Tumors, Epilepsy, Migraines, and more. We would love to answer any questions you have! If you have any CBD success stories you would like us to share please email them to us! We will add them to our CBD blog with your permission.

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Single Dose Edible CBD Frogs

Single dose edible CBD Frogs are a great way to try CBD without investing too much money. We are offering these single dose frogs in a two pack. Depending on your specific body the CBD may take more than one dose to start your healing process. Many people do feel immediate relief from using CBD. These single dose edible CBD frogs come in red, purple, yellow, and green.

Our Manufacturer

Green Roads is one of the best CBD companies in the industry. We are excited to offer their products to our customers. Through our extensive years in the industry, we know that our consumers want delicious, natural, healthy, and organic edible options. At Green Roads World we make the conscientious effort to never compromise the quality or effectiveness of our products. The Green Roads World CBD hemp edibles are considered the perfect treat for any consumer or even just your everyday sweet tooth fanatic! Green Roads World combines our broad spectrum CBD concentrate with gelatin and sugar as well as other ingredients in order to deliver quality CBD edibles. The single dose edible CBD Frogs pack a sweet punch while being incorporated with our concentrated CBD!

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